Matt Belluomini

After being raised on the original Doom, Unreal and Quake games, back in the DOS days, I knew I wanted to be involved in the gaming process. I was always the kid in class doodling guns and monsters on the side of his unfinished math homework, always working on the next idea I had in my head. In highschool I was blessed to have a great teacher and an excellent art program. That began my long love affair with digital arts.

I feel most at home drawing on my tablet in Photoshop. Other software I have experience with include but are not limited to: Zbrush, Illustrator, Alchemy, Manga Studio, and Corel Painter. As well as my artwork I'm also a musician with over 14 years experience playing guitar and vocals, with multiple years experience playing other instruments such as drums, bass and cello.

Some rough samples of my music can be found here: